Craft comics, superb beer.
Live on the industrial estate

£8 Advance
£10 cash on door

Doors 7pm
Comedy 8pm

Tickets purchased online, collected in person

Please contact for further enquiries

There is level access into the venue.


£10 cash door
Tickets 2nd October 8pm
Sarah Iles
James Lillis
Mad Ron
Harvey Hawkins
£10 cash door entry available
We operate a paperless ticket system. Once payment has been made your name and party number will be placed on the door
Paypal screenshot is sufficient for entry

Tickets 6th November 8pm
Valerio Miconi
Sarah Iles
Trev Tokabi
Stephen DiPlacito

Tickets 4th December 8pm
Dan Mayo
Matt Bragg
Cally Beaton
Gary Sansome